Free Mediation By Tim Woodard

February 10, 2019

Tim Woodard and TW Mediation Firm are currently offering a limited number of free mediation opportunities for individuals deemed at an economic disadvantage. Available slots for the months of March and April are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Only individuals earning less than $20,000 per year are eligible to receive assistance. Proof of income is required upon completion of application. If you are represented by an attorney or legal aid, please direct their offices to inquire on your behalf. Additionally, individuals are encouraged to contact their local Legal Aid Office if they are in need of legal assistance or representation.

For further information or an application, please contact

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Tim Woodard East Tennessee Scholarship

September 27, 2018

Recognizing education as the single most important tool that someone can have, Tim Woodard has established a scholarship fund that awards $1,000.00 each year to winning students in Morristown, Tennessee. Eligible students must reside in Morristown, Tennessee and attend Morristown West High School or Morristown East High School. The minimum GPA to be considered is 3.5.

The scholarship is designed for students pursuing a degree in political science, pre-law, or another degree closely related to government or governmental careers.

Students wishing to apply for the Tim Woodard East Tennessee Scholarship  must submit a personal statements detailing their personal lives and college goals. Application deadline is December 30, 2018.

Submissions may be submitted to

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Tim Woodard and His Community Campaign

September 25, 2018

As with most communities in rural Appalachia,  Morristown, Tennessee, has an untapped resource in its young people. According to governmental records and other court like documents, the overwhelming majority of youth in East Tennessee are being raised in extreme poverty. Growing up in similar circumstances, Tim Woodard, has made it a priority to give back.

Each month, Tim Woodard, partners with attorneys, government officials, and willing business people in order to provide assistance to a select number of local youth needing assistance. Additionally, TW Mediation Firm offers free printing and limited computer services to students needing to complete school assignments.

Please direct all inquiries to or call (615) 380-7488

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Tim Woodard attending upcoming workshops for Lawyers, Mediators, Aspiring Lawyers (Students), and Court Personnel

September 19, 2018

When selecting a mediator, parties should should always seek to find an individual or firm that has fully mastered the law and attends regularly continuing education courses. Hamblen County, Tennessee native, Tim Woodard and His firm are all Juris Doctor prepared. Compromising of attorneys, mediators, and aspiring lawyers (current law students) attend continuing education courses regularly in order to maintain a second to none proficiency in the areas of family and civil law.

For the months of September and October,  Tim Woodard and his firm will be attending the following CME courses:

September  26, 2018

  • East Tennessee Family Law Summit

October 12, 2018

  • The 16th Annual Advanced Mediation Techniques Workshop

Owned and managed by Morristown, TN native, Tim Woodard, TW Mediation Firm offers quality and affordable mediation services that are aimed to meet the needs of any party engaged in a civil or family law proceeding.

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Tim Woodard ofrece servicios de intérprete para familias hispanas

September 08, 2018

Tim Woodard ahora ofrece mediación para clientes de habla hispana. Como la principal firma de mediación para abogados y tribunales en Tennessee, Tim Woodard y su firma ofrecen a los clientes los mismos servicios de calidad que se ofrecen a los litigantes que hablan inglés en el sistema judicial.

Tim Woodard y su equipo están incluidos en la Regla 31 con el Tribunal Supremo de Tennessee. Más importante aún, cada mediador tiene un Juris Doctor. Esto significa que su mediador tiene un título en derecho, lo que facilita su caso para un resultado más exitoso.

Muchas familias de habla hispana quedan atrapadas en el sistema judicial debido a la falta de opciones bilingües. Sin embargo, Tim Woodard puede proporcionar los mismos servicios de ahorro de costos a las familias de habla hispana. Usando un intérprete bilingüe certificado por la corte en cada caso, Tim Woodard ha establecido un negocio respetado en el este de Tennessee basado en la confianza y la efectividad.

Llame a TW Mediation Firm para obtener más información sobre cómo podemos ayudarlo a usted y a su familia. 615-380-7488

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Low Cost and Free Mediation Services Provided By Tim Woodard and His Firm

September 08, 2018

Tim Woodard and His team of mediators work with many lawyers, and pro se litigants in order to meet their mediation needs. Accordingly, litigants in Tennessee that are deemed indigent may qualify for help under the Divorcing Parent Education and Mediation Fund.

The Tennessee Legislature enacted Title 36, Chapter 6, Part 4 of the Tennessee Code Annotated to promote continuing parenting arrangements for families involved in divorce, legal separation, annulment, or separate maintenance proceedings, and for families that are involved in any other custody matters. Such arrangements reinforce the fundamental importance of the parent-child relationship to the welfare of the child. In order to help parents receive the necessary education and alternative dispute resolution services, the Tennessee Legislature established the Divorcing Parent Education and Mediation Fund (T.C.A. § 6-6-413).

Aside from qualifying for certain court appointed help, Tim Woodard and TW Mediation Firm offer pro bono services to certain individuals on a case by case analysis. Availability is based on scheduling. Morristown and all 95 counties in Tennessee. Reach out to our trained team of Listed Rule 31 Mediators for more information.

Tim Woodard is a native of Hamblen County and holds a Juris Doctor. All of our mediators are Rule 31 Listed with the Supreme Court of Tennessee. All though our areas serviced are primarily in East Tennessee, the firm is now able to hold mediations in all 95 counties in Tennessee.

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Affordable services provided to attorney and client by Tim Woodard and His firm

July 02, 2018

For attorney’s and mediator, Tim Woodard, the number one priority is client satisfaction. Using his experience in the legal field by having a law degree, Tim Woodard provides both, attorney and client, an alternative to lengthy and expensive litigation.

As a native of Morristown, TN, we understand that people need help in these difficult economic times. Therefore, TW Mediation Firm offers a structured sliding pay scale that makes mediation affordable. Both, Democratic and Republican Judges have openly expressed their appreciation at providing these quality services.


  • People keep control over the resolution of their own problem.

  • Disputes can be settled promptly. A mediation session can be scheduled as soon as everyone agrees to use mediation to resolve the dispute, even before a lawsuit may be filed.

  • Mediation costs are significantly less than taking a case to trial.

  • Mediation promotes better relationships through cooperative problem-solving and improved communication.

  • Mediation is private and confidential. The mediator and the people in the dispute must maintain the confidentiality of the information disclosed during mediation.

  • Mediation is voluntary. Although a judge may order a case to proceed to mediation, the mediation may be terminated at any time by the people involved or by the mediator. Settlement is also entirely voluntary. If you cannot reach an agreement, you still have the right to take the dispute before a judge or jury.

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Tim Woodard and His Business Services

June 27, 2018

Hamblen County residents are now eligible to receive quality mediation services at low cost or free. Tim Woodard and TW Mediation Firm are experienced mediators that can help resolve your case for a fraction of the costs. Most individuals aspire to resolve their legal disputes as quickly as possible. Having an experienced mediator can often save individuals with pending Circuit Court Cases thousands of dollars.

Tim Woodard has extensive experience in the legal field, having earned a law degree and clerked for some of the most well-known attorneys in the state of Tennessee. Attorneys trust his ability and understanding of the law when it comes to settling cases and saving clients resources.


If you are in need of settling your case at a reasonable rate, trust the legal experience and knowledge of someone that has proven themselves in Morristown, TN and across the state of Tennessee. Call Tim Woodard or have your attorney schedule directly with TW Mediation Firm.

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The Legal Career of Tim Woodard

November 20, 2017
Aspring Attorney Tim Woodard has over time become one of the most highly skilled and experienced in his profession over the years, especially in his home territory of East Tennessee. His very humble beginnings came when he was born and raised in the beautiful but poor Appalachian Mountains in that region. In fact, he was actually the first in his family to have an opportunity to graduate college and he certainly made the most of it. He started by earning an Associates Degree in History and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, before heading to law school to get his Juris Doctor law degree.

One of Tim Woodard’s specialties in the legal field comes out of the considerable amount of work he has done in the area athletics, especially regarding compliance, recruiting, operations, and marketing. In addition to his work in athletics in the legal arena, Tim also spent time as a Recruiting Coordinator, a Director of Softball Operations and as a Director of Basketball Operations at various time, which means he has both legal and practical experience to draw upon. Regardless of what Tim Woodard does in his life, he gives his clients everything he can.

Benefits of Mediation

October 05, 2017
People in disputes who are considering using mediation as a way to resolve their differences often want to know what the process offers. While mediation can not guarantee specific results, there are trends that are characteristic of mediation. Below is a list of some of the benefits of mediation, broadly considered. Mediation generally produces or promotes: 

Economical Decisions 
Mediation is generally less expensive when contrasted to the expense of litigation or other forms of fighting. 

Rapid Settlements 
In an era when it may take as long as a year to get a court date, and multiple years if a case is appealed, the mediation alternative often provides a more timely way of resolving disputes. When parties want to get on with business or their lives, mediation may be desirable as a means of producing rapid results. 

Mutually Satisfactory Outcomes 
Parties are generally more satisfied with solutions that have been mutually agreed upon, as opposed to solutions that are imposed by a third party decision-maker. 

High Rate of Compliance 
Parties who have reached their own agreement in mediation are also generally more likely to follow through and comply with its terms than those whose resolution has been imposed by a third party decision-maker. 

Comprehensive and Customized Agreements 
Mediated settlements are able to address both legal and extra-legal issues. Mediated agreements often cover procedural and psychological issues that are not necessarily susceptible to legal determination. The parties can tailor their settlement to their particular situation. 

Greater Degree of Control and Predictability of Outcome 
Parties who negotiate their own settlements have more control over the outcome of their dispute. Gains and losses are more predictable in a mediated settlement than they would be if a case is arbitrated or adjudicated. 

Personal Empowerment 
People who negotiate their own settlements often feel more powerful than those who use surrogate advocates, such as lawyers, to represent them. Mediation negotiations can provide a forum for learning about and exercising personal power or influence. 

Preservation of an Ongoing Relationship or Termination of a Relationship in a More Amicable Way 
Many disputes occur in the context of relationships that will continue over future years. A mediated settlement that addresses all parties' interests can often preserve a working relationship in ways that would not be possible in a win/lose decision-making procedure. Morristown, TN. Mediation can also make the termination of a relationship more amicable. 

Workable and Implementable Decisions 
Parties who mediate their differences are able to attend to the fine details of implementation. Negotiated or mediated agreements can include specially tailored procedures for how the decisions will be carried out. This fact often enhances the likelihood that parties will actually comply with the terms of the settlement. 

Agreements that are Better than Simple Compromises or Win/Lose Outcomes 
Interest-based mediated negotiations can result in settlements that are more satisfactory to all parties than simple compromise decisions. 

Decisions that Hold Up Over Time 
Mediated settlements tend to hold up over time, and if a later dispute results, the parties are more likely to utilize a cooperative forum of problem-solving to resolve their differences than to pursue an adversarial approach.
Tim Woodard
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