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The Legal Career of Tim Woodard

November 20, 2017
Aspring Attorney Tim Woodard has over time become one of the most highly skilled and experienced in his profession over the years, especially in his home territory of East Tennessee. His very humble beginnings came when he was born and raised in the beautiful but poor Appalachian Mountains in that region. In fact, he was actually the first in his family to have an opportunity to graduate college and he certainly made the most of it. He started by earning an Associates Degree in History and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, before heading to law school to get his Juris Doctor law degree.

One of Tim Woodard’s specialties in the legal field comes out of the considerable amount of work he has done in the area athletics, especially regarding compliance, recruiting, operations, and marketing. In addition to his work in athletics in the legal arena, Tim also spent time as a Recruiting Coordinator, a Director of Softball Operations and as a Director of Basketball Operations at various time, which means he has both legal and practical experience to draw upon. Regardless of what Tim Woodard does in his life, he gives his clients everything he can.